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for diseases that spread by infection directly from person to person,

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Precautions— Patients should be checked carefully since electrolyte imbalance

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A number of titles have been employed to indicate the rare clinical

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muscles of the arms, the deltoid, and the thighs were well

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have been without strict warrant of law, I approve I he

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good deal of horse exercise. She died rather suddenly, at a dis-

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passed away before they were able to succeed in introducing the vac-

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t he insidious form of a simple bronchitis. For a year he had been subject to " bron-

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to induce morbid and unnatural cerebral excitement, is set forth

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was still using) he could read Jaeger No. I. at 25 cm.

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cutaneous detachment is perhaps scarcely enough practised, or even known.

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resembling the eruption caused by antipyrine. There

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to undue somnolence, or to a dazed condition which, in some of these cases,

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The skull having been mapped out by Dr. Eskridge, the

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squares of the older chambers. This he attributes to a more uniform distribution of

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Weld, George Henry, 2, Clarendon-villas , Plumstead.

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into contact with the stools of patients suffering from it, an additional theory

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who have lost from 1 to 9 complete hospital days at any

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nipple, or enlargement of the glands, is a solid saix^oma. A tumour possessing

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There are several other affections of the liver which are either too

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more. Beside hand-books and text-books on pathologic anatomy

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is true of a carbon arc. Each has its own indication, and

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the usual condition, A troublesome meteorism is a constant symptom,

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and the major symptoms of ursemia then appear. If the effect on the urinary

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be inherited. A well-known example is the case of Napoleon Bonaparte,

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He then located as a private practitioner in the east side of

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This excellent little volume contains the post-graduate

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