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syphilis began to attract universal attention, probably in the
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of the uterus and a little to one side of the median line, directed at first
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6 parts of calomel to 30 of axunge. 2. A powder, composed of four-fifths of
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chronic pelvic inflammatory condition related to the appendix was
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unburnt the bodies appear to have been interred with their
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at a hospital emergency room suffering from a self-inflicted
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The dog is affected ; vomited and was purged ; very restless, 3.50.
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The patient was a boy eight years of age. On August 20, 1881,
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iliac strain in middle-age happens chiefly in men, and is
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depends upon the absorption of the iodid in the intestines, and is in reality only a
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a muco-purulent fluid, after an acute illness, is not to be taken as
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insisted that many patients might be relieved by this method of
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which it is soluble in suitable fluids. Equal parts of glycerine
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and is often found dead in the stall in the morning. The course
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through the pulmonary capillaries is the channel by
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Distilled water — sufficient to make 19,000.0 cc.
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hepatitis, and splenitis are less frequent, and occur, perhaps, in
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posium where the "Wise Club" had held theirs. Around it in
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larynx may cause hoarseness ; to the ear, through the Eusta-
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i could better illustrate the effects of mental depression on the
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to use good material and put a better finish to their
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see what pleasure this announcement seems to give you.
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is rich and tenacious, throwing up what has been called the buffy
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sodium chlorid with a rise in temperature. He showed that this action
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Watson, A. A. Gould, J. B. S. Jackson, E. Palmer, II. I. Bowditch, II.
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teins cannot be disintegrated much if any beyond the coagulable form
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Division of Dermatopathology, Department of Pathology; and Vice-Chairman, Division
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