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have been tracheotomized. On the other hand, if we exclude these

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that the patient has a dazed and sometimes half-frightened look. The

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with its attendant high mortality in an otherwise benign

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ice is obtained from a polluted water the danger is greatly reduced, not

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hy the applicant of sufficient knowledge and skill for

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jealousy which repeatedly manifested itself in the form of

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observations on yellow fever, in continuation of those which

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cipitate in a solution of arsenic until an acid has been added, by which pro-

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" Without at all venturing to assert that a backward intus-susception

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its administration, I abandoned it. Sometime after-

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this amount, £35,238 is reassured at a cost of £ 1 203 16s. annually.

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the muscles were found to have lost their contractility to faradic currents ;

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ployed is of but recent origin, but has been followed

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^llycerin, which always remains soft [mirahile dietu], and yet

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a good thing to repress, on rational or moral grounds, the desire to

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artery was affected five times; the femoral, once; the brachial, once; and

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ily restraint, can control him and keep him from indulg-

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reticall^y it seemed to be one which would overcome some

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