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be repair of the damage done to the blood by robbing it

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from the action of bacteria upon the body tissues. The toxemias of the

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misses it. And succeeding thus, it knows why it succeeds, and

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So far as one can judge from the description of Dr. Galbraith's case, and

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Obstetrical management. I believe that much of the mortality of

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or more or less impairment, of speech, and the aphasia may be either ataxic

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to prepare for infants a food which will resemble as

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true nature, but also from the fact that it is of very fre(j[ueut occur-

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A p.'tu-tr.,tiiii.'ilu-t \,.i:na niu-i iimi dctrr ili,. Miru'cuti tr,,m undrrt.ikiii'.-

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Assistant Surgeon, is required to go on board the Schooner Wave. — Vol. H.

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augmented by lack of occupation. In some cases, active treatment of

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must be taken that along one edge the ring of vaseline is imperfect,

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These were similar in structure to the large growth.

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enough that the physician should merely refrain from prescribing tl

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zionedell' operazionedi Snellen perl' entropion e la trichiasi

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sponsibility During Gestation." He said that the attending physician

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the parasite appears as the well-known early stage of the halter idium. Usually

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sputum fly into the air, remain suspended for several hours,

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Although not involving immediate danger to life, rheumatoid arthritis

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his office. A brick culvert had been made through a pile of cinders (or cin-

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When a doctor was once defended by an insurance com-

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attempt should be made to have a movement half an hour or so

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the peritonitis, particularly its rapid spread over the entire peritonasum,

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paralysis of the facial nerve in all its branches. There were also

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XXp to 1906 patient had enjoyed good health and was able to take long

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Secretary as recommended by the Reference Committee.

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<iifferent from those of chorea in many respects, one

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