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More frequently no changes have been noted. The nerve is more

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pensation having long been ruptured, the following case

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sense of comfort and satisfaction the same as after

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astringents ; while some authorities advise a variation in

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trophy. There is no sign, externally or internally of the stomach,

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recommended above for the scalp. In all affections of the head, brushes,

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tufts, the clioroid })Iexiises, tlie chief ehiborators of cerebrospinal

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ing more clearly the gross changes of organic lesions

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ago as 1836, during the war in Florida, an oflBcer was wounded at the

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those of Dr. Acland would probably find supporters, and it

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site the injury, found and removed the clot and ligated

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wholesome for an old society like the one they have left, but

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discovered after death ! And how small is the proportion of

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not be easily dislodged, the portion of gut containing it

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think that in three, or four, or five years we can say it was relieved.

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2 cases apparently due to chronic appendicitis, as the pain disappearvĀ«l ftfler

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a double forme," by Baillarger ; " Folie cerculaire," by Falret ; " Folie

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period not longer than three or four days. In the 23 cases in which ailments

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cranial nerves were normal in appearance. It may perhaps be questioned

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arterial system of the brain. This lesion, which they

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The skull having been mapped out by Dr. Eskridge, the

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ral experience. But it should be remembered that the pa-

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lice superintendent, when so many scientists had studied

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parations of these were carefully preserved in the Society's

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accustomed to state in his lectures that on the subsidence of this disease, when

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in particular occupations; 4, age and sex distribution; 5, dis-

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