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hypertrophy. The liver showed no evidence of invasion by the blastomycetes.

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leys of mountainous districts, in various parts of Europe, Asia, and

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Fig. 17.— Neurasthenia; atonic (transition) stage, showing dicrotism.

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nephrin gave subnormal reactions, the latter being proportionally

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tenths of one per cent, solution of common salt anywhere over the

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of the thickness of solution required to reduce light of the intensity one

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quarter of the lobe of a raw sheep's thyroid gland twice a week.

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the auriculoventricular node, in seven in the auricular portion of this

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disease. The mother of Pellagrin 503 is still living, aged 74 years, strong and

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may be relieved at once by the inhalation of amyl nitrite.

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ing for myxcedema we come to a most important advance in the

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ment relieved all symptoms and the bowels became regular. On August 21,

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matous swelling may closely resemble ordinary obesity. The speech

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no definite cell membrane is visible ; there are several dendritic processes

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by Dr. James Angus, of Newcastle, had suffered from myxcedema for

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thirsty is permitted to sip slowly three or four ounces of hot water

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grain, never develop beriberi. It has been found by experimental evi-

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albumin would, however, indicate considerable adsorption.

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opinions teaching was easily made dogmatic and compact. In

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the ground without any previous feeling of faintness or giddiness. This

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the vein wall, both above and below, appears to be thinned, and that

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actual test that this is true for all substrates, but this seems at least

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