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in the natural baths of Nauheim in 1912. These observations, compared

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village on the opposite shore ; who, after eluding the vigilance of the

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sufficient account in such inquiries. So long as the ulcer is

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taken at a dental hospital. Thus, Charing Cross and Middlesex

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followed by stimulants and tonics. A draft of bicarbon-

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lated alcohol which I had ordered, and then withdrew

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to submit patients to the inconveniences of etherization.

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63. Colourless corpuscles slightly increased in number. . . . 93

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Turning to the critical comparison of material with published

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the scapula, there was nothing abnormal observable. On the 18th, that

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disease; or in hemorrhage to take off, by mechanical means, the

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curve, when they incline outward, previous to their turn down-

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A Good Fee. — The barber who cut Louis XIV. for fis-

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condition, and which had been received from Professor

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Description. — The incubation period of varicella is a fortnight when it

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medical journals for 1»54, especially, present such cases in great variety.

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from the peritoneal surface, it affords ample opportu-

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Proc. Am. Acad. Arts & Sc.,, 1884-5, xx, 23-75, 1 pi.—

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agnosticate this lesion will have become sufficiently famil

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liest in making out its distinctive characters; certainly so in this locality.

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was not arrested ten days after the application, but I have afterwards under-

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(J. He would not limit lacteal injections to cases in

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and touching every practical point regarding the indi-

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mination, the calamus scriptorius, I perceived (rays Mr S.) the

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tioner, which is devoted entirely to the consideration of

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size, may also erode the spinal coliunn, and burst into the peritonsum

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no particular attention. During the night of 3rd to 4th

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