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trachea and bronchi were full of clots, and the stomach
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gery, and during his apprenticeship received from a milk-
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tion, of lactic acid (to be detected by Ufelman's rea-
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such cases even after the lapse of many years. One can never tell
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Portsmouth prison for fourteen days, but without hard
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opposite the naval division. The (lernuins became suspicious and
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Acne cheloid is very common, especially among native races.
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In such instances, however, pressure over the afi'ected site may
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until it \s proved otherwise — or those who exposed themselves, and threw
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iting, and purging. In thirty-six hours afterward peritonitis
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general, those strangled — for we may thus collectively term this
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general obesity a moderate fatty degeneration may be met with. Jaundiced
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to attacks of sudden and violent excitement that com-
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her property to her children ; in 1848 she made another will revoking that
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Henry S. Kllbourne, major and Surgeon, U. S. A., Is detailed
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passed into the unaffected portions of the skin. Such
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doubled within the last ten years. Thus in 1864, 1865, and
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President of the United Stales for appointment, the
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tion. If this can not be done previous to the operation the
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two groups, therefore, are hardly distinct enough to justify a main
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zero to maximum. The recording point will in this manner be gently
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have as a rule set these schemes at naught. Man desires
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which he applies to the physician for relief. The latter must
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Chittenden was compelled to have recourse to in order to keep
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and heard and felt. He was a man of one opinion . not
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Some Observation on Endoscopy Report of Four Difficult Cases — Discussion
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tuted by the Obstetrical Society of London." On the certifi-
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stimvlaiion, also, is right in practice, but wrong in
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icines and surgical appliances contraband of war, they waged a most
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lowing processes : — (1) The detection of phosphorescence by the naked
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out the severe urethritis, no suspicion is awakened. Moreover,
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diameter. This passed on into the right iliac fossa, and

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