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moscopic appearance which has been likened to the picture

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turn out to be Small-pox, and act upon that suspicion.

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tuting first granulations, and then a cicatrix. After subcutaneous

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so as not to be mistaken for congenital idiots. Tumours on the elbows, knees, and

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This case is not an isolated one. Duclos, in the article alluded

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the enlargement of the submaxillary glands was very great, though not so

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it is not contagious before the ninth day, perhaps not till a later period

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corrected. The surest way of maintaining the foot in

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clinic at the Northwestern University Medical School opera-

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ber admission will be continued — tonics, galvanism, and

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OS innominatum upon its fellow and the sacrum, and at the symphysis

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Walking, riding, and rowing were valuable, especially

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Anatomv as Taught in the Universitv of Edinburgh. An Introductory

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health and longevity of mankind are affected by the employ-

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and several were semi-fluid about their circumference : in

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only alleviate ; they smother, they hide the black spot on the wall like whitewash,

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secured. The upper extremities were similarly treated except

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with tiie removal of the cause and an improvement in

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somnia of eyestrain is the symptom of night-terrors,

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arrest the bleeding in the following manner : A long

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Causes. — It may result from blows, injuries, or from ex-

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ous syphllldes. As a result of this study the author

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deltoid attached, which was reflected outward and down-

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animals. Not so with syphilis. Feed a patient how you like,

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ought to be able to read without fatigue at ten inches, as he

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