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Premedical education should be completed between the ages of
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excavation of the optic nerve with preservation of the transparency of the
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which the bladder is not completely emptied, an irrita-
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student and practitioner as the one before us. — Ohio
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long and acute illness the change is, of course, very
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of the hygfienic measures upon which the successful management of the
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Discussion : Gust A. Hedberg, Nopeming — Sumner S. Cohen, Oak Terrace
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well marked, but never elevated. In most cases there is not much
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a malarial mother, born some time after the arrival
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science to self-interest, and of endeavouring to upset truth by
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and exposure avoided, until full recovery has taken place and the
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of the function of language, without difficulty in articulation and
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fc It is due to Dr. Kelley to say, that he has enjoyed the most ample facilities for thorough.
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Feletti : The Parasites of Malaria and the Fevers which they Produce. Ar-
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which had finally become so violent that he consulted a phy-
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immortal Joseph O'Dwyer. This conscientious and modest man
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eases of the skin, the neglect of which, produces early
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ease before starting prophylaxis. A recent investigation of
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make grants to support medical library activities, and also directed
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The fourth case, R. I. H. 2787, was a girl aged 12 years. Her diabetes
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this subject, I may here caution the public that the useful part of the
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Properties. — It is a colorless liquid, with the odor of bitter
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nois. Thus a brood of worms, disappearing in the northern
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servations ; but in the cases referred to, I appre-
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caA^ty walls secrete profusely. Excavation of an entire lobe, unusual
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possibly more theoretical than real. However, it adds another
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over- work and loss of nervous energy rather than of
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