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this author sums up the difference in the time which elapsed
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ment of cases characterized by the manifestations of acute inflam-
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translucency. Its edge is traceable all round, but is most distinct outwards, and
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dura and pia-arachnoid at the edges of the dural wound.
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6. An injury may be of such a character as to produce
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The progi-ess had not been so satisfactory as some of
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boro-salicylic solution. This discharge gradually disappeared,
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with a gypsum bandage. In some cases primary union took place, but in many
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jnit /;. :'iti'i:/ih '\.\- in ili' M ' ■■! t . .1 . .n i.l t.iS'.' tini' \
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5. Meningitis. — The most fatal complication of purulent otitis
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Spleen small ; its surface strewn with miliary tubercles, and
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would be to all intents and purposes a loco-free piece of groimd.
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unburnt the bodies appear to have been interred with their
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Case VI. — ^A man, aged thirty-three, rather fat and
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epidermis, and not upon other disease. We know such to be the case,
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and hyaline degeneration of the muscle fibres, and loss of their contractile
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and asthenic states of the constitution contended for by Brown and
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placenta previa, which is always an interesting one, did not have some-
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Under the head of murder and manslaughter, it is stated that
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the Wabash. Referring to the profession as he had seen it in
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a bandage reasonably tight, which placed the uterus where it
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yet in a room where he is filled with a sense of homely com-

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