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the 8 welling either scatters or else it terminates in violent inflammation

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I believe to be impossible. "^The gastric contents are

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feet are affected, and experiences immediate relief when recum-

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First opei-ation. — This case presented before my stays were made, and

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5. In some cases they occur at intervals through the entire course,

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the most marked murmur, next the aortic regurgitant gradually

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puration and necrosis of the tissues are apt to occur, rather than

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]6,gides. Rev. de nied. leg., Par., 1895, ii. 45-48.— IVunia.

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Yet, when these smaller things have such important meanings

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and in the Long Island College Hospital ; Fellow of the New York

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ing, tympanites, and flatulency. Sometimes there is ano-

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disease and its prevention. Those who are especially

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Oehme, De Morhis recens Natorum Chirur- which are met with in grown-up people are

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in persons constitutionally costive, the liver is found to be in

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five days, when this peculiar condition developed. A period of uncon-

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originate from the foam of the sea) is simply the young fry of

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greater achievement in minor surgery than that described

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the trouble is malignant. The proper proceedure is what Dr. Cart-

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reactions include vivid dreams, impotence, tremor, contusion and nasal congestion Many depressive

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an atmosphere saturated with mineral water, but as the

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America. — Among the Antilles malaria prevails to a greater or

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times intensive, being then equivalent to '* very."

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pearance of this effusion, and as mucli in accounting for its sup-

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the legs, with pain, tenderness, and reaction of degeneration. She improved

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i legitimacy of a child, so born, could not be established.' The jury returned

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two (Cases 3 and 9) the perception of certain musical sounds was definitely

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