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a freight train, March 4, 1900, Dr. Severs in charge. His pre-

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the close of the disease in 3 cases, and at the beginning in one case.

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and nutrition (whatever faint analogies they may present

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now make earlier and better diagnoses than formerly.

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nished by Dr. Bancroft under this head is clearly proved

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patches on maltose agar. After two t'o four days roundisFx hfn^ispherL cdonts

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assume the Killian position, I was enabled to see the lower portion

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England. In one volume of 273 pages. Size 5x7 T /2 inches. Price $1.50

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from the damaged intestine. Nevertheless, it would seem that an expedient

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trigger strokes in people 40 and younger.... The study, by

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cervix; this tends to bring the fundus and anterior surface of the uterus under the

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D'Anfreville (1909). Bull. Soc. Path. Exot., ii. p. 129. , c , 1 ^

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icines and surgical appliances contraband of war, they waged a most

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iirint. — Tacliard. Contribution il I'^tude dea r6sectiona

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ing allusion to the services of Ilenle. Meynert. Waller,

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days' prevalence of the disease, this vessel neared a large iceberg,

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inspectors that 90 per cent of the Indians of certain tribes suffer

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or about $100 for 43 weeks ; and allowing long had a place in medical literature, Has-

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" Without at all venturing to assert that a backward intus-susception

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male-fern in the treatment of taenia. I hope to con-

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days after birth, liaving as the only symptom hypothermia

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to die ; but there are some which so uniformly accomplish the end intended that

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demonstrate how much truer to nature the new rendering is. Vesahus was the first to articulate

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By way of test experiments the author froze rats and guinea-

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is exposed to both these dangers by displacement of the

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essay on a subject of which all know a little, but which requires

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of practical value, for it tends to the avoidance of traditional error, and

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