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is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the order of the under-

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may be absent in an invasion of the Klebs-Lutfier bacilli ;

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^^Microscopical examination. — The anterior epithe-

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than those suffering from delirium tremens, and have therefore a better

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Both sexes and all ages are prone to the disease, unless

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In every case where the drug has been given hypodermically

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their inquiries to the proper authorities, whose part

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amperes can be used, but up to and beyond this point a disagreeable

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and also in some instances (with a view to excluding the

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former favourable experiments, the excision was undertaken.

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consumed fourteen hundred ounces of wine and seventy-six ounces of brandy,

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mination, the calamus scriptorius, I perceived (rays Mr S.) the

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resisted, stands forward, I think, as an incontrovertible testimony of the

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of no avail, the benefit to be derived from them is certainly

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ment here is questioned. The mere fact of its presence at

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in 1865 only 108 ; the lull in building operations is attributed

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everywhere in evidence. At one time there was no phagocytosis except

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Symptomatic parotitis results from severe diseases, like typhus ;

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comes, under its benign influence, fuller, stronger, and slower, just as

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he uterus. Although rupture of the tubes had evidently oc-

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1876.] Progress in Pathology and Pathological Anatomy. 465

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by division of the pneumogastric nerve. But much praise is also

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he holds views as to the active functions of the blood-vessels for

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borders, short and characteristic stumps occur usually in small numbers

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cond Spring Meeting. In a B. C. great colt stakes, fifty-

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and forward, to perform flexion and extension, when the animal

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