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mon in our households, especially around fireplaces, and finds its

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of progenitors, or interferes with the well-being of their progeny,

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(2) to the definite resting phase between each contraction. In experi-

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to the chair of chemistry in the then recently founded Owen's College,

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are likely to have a fit brought on by inhaling chloroform."

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ber of the legislature, to the ieffect'thatin theii' efforts to de-

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of the characteristic eruption of variola in the mouth and fauces, the non-

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Fuller exhibited to the Pathological Society a cylindrical cast of the pharjmx

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rious and prolonged illness. There was one physician

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some grave embolic lesion must take place, and this is probably the

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de Lyon (1887), 1888, xxvii, 303-343, 3 ch. Also: Lyon

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^ contain large warmfactnring towns, exhibit a mortality whol-

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and one death. Since then there have been but a few

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ment from degeneration is one of the recognised causes of sudden death ;

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References. — '"Med. Rec," Nov. 21, 1896; ^Ibid., Nov. 21,

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shown by the immunity of attendants from any sore throat when it

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the bacillus is supposed to come to rest inside a lymph-space some-

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in a small quantity at a time and often repeated, if found to be grateful to the

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three years, suffering from an excessively irregular action of the limbs on at-

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In short, as I said in 1896 at the Academie de Medecine, we can foresee

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one which shows no marked predilection for the changes incident to a

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infected, and this very rarely happened. On the other

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will admit, and why it should be admissible in these less im-

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cases of pulmonary tubercles, not preceded by haemoptysis, nor by

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of cold when the child was born, and while it lay naked.'"

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solution, the poor sufferer usually experiences a respite,

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