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of a temporary nature, produced often by severe paroxysms of
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statistical proof is wanting. Several other diseases present
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practitioners will lose no time in writing to their representa-
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our case are barely visible to the naked eye, were in his of
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Save in London, small-pox seems to be still decreasing.
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members of the same family. Cases were shown by Mr.
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Berne possess and exercise in the case of habitual inebriates,
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taries, togtther with former presidents of sections, will form
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system will inevitably remain as a link in the chain which
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the principles and traditions of religious and Parliamentary
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sary for the study and for the understanding of life.
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the educational progress of the children, and their answers might be
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rary Secretaries : F. AV. Mott, M.D., 84, AVimpole Street, AV. ;
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the teachers upon their mental capacity. Results of tabula-
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puts the tests for albumen. For example, the picric test is
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clean. The parts were then syringed with hot Condy's fluid,
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On the recommendation of the Council the meeting unani-
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continue to add their quota to the number of patients. In
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time the observations were made. Experimental evidence
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the child s bith. They soon got to like and expect the injection; a
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unpleasantly felt, and has been largely studied of late by Dr.
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Communications respecting Editorial matters shouldbe addressed to the
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The respirations were never more than 44, and dropped in a
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"virus fort," so much so that that a small dose of this cul-
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