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Archiv fur klinische Medicin, Hi., 1S74, 34S ; Gfrorer, Memorabilicn, xix. 3, page 116, 1874,

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own reputation would ever venture to lay before his profes-

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In the same year Major Horrocks discovered the Micrococcus melHen-

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ruption of the current is disagreeable, painful, and sometimes,

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of information of equal accuracy and completeness with these

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tion. In the lower animals all experimental efforts to

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prist)ner with the perpetrator of the crime is almost always

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the abdominal muscles enough to return protuding organs, after

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in December, under the patronage of Mrs. R. W. Chapin. The

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had got off something very fine, and we are equally confident, that

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ing. This is explained by the fact that cooked milk contains compara-

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inward rotation. This fracture can be positively diagnosed only by

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Dr. R. C. Word, the editor of the " Southern Medical Rec-

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such a degree as to point unmistakably to the presence of an

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that she still has the remains of that caruncle of the

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be done, there is neither leakage nor regurgitation, and so the skin is not

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On Altitude and CUmate in the Treatment of Pulmonary Phthisis. By

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development and premature old age. It differs from so-called normal

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Review displays a commendable enterprise^ — Maryland

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