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that its strength and original shape may be preserved. Thai

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with Avliich it may ha in contact. Water alone will not cleanse the

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not be fur hours. It is also of great importance that this treatment should

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Robeson County Health Department — Dr. Wilhur A. McPhaul 72

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formation of malignant matter had occxirred, which was not dis-

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Formerly much importance was attributed to a so-called apoplectic

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first incision was made he had evidently forced the bag out

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when re-examined on the 21st. There was no redness at the wound ; its lips

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Disordered Circulation of the Blood," by Dr. Whiilock Ni-

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notes of medical cases. This custom, together with his long

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variety, and to scrofulosis, which is undoubtedly also

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cells, as many as 3,900 being found in one case; this was,

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the Wabash. Referring to the profession as he had seen it in

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believes that as the tuberculin is a powerful stimulant for the

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indirtitos the piTst'iiCf of a solid l>o«ly. TIh" Ion;; (liaiii-

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retinal vessels can be seen by dii-ecting the patient

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, practical information on uU subjects coming within its scope.

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with its attendant high mortality in an otherwise benign

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tions, with especial reference to the Medico-legal practice," no

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puration he had left a part of the appendages twenty-

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game, as squirrels, venison, &c, is also good. When

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examination shows essential differences. The following points are to be

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were few results obtained by experiments upon warm-

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