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7.75 miles. Near the center, this elevated shore-line is
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urine had ceased, and that the wound had entirely closed. It surprised those of
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I k.. 2. First meeting place ol I lie College of Physicians. Fourth and Arch Streets.
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uneventful The patient left the hospital on August 2 with the wound
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when tried by the Jendrassik method. There is no ankle clonus.
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portance in a hygienic^ forensic^ and economico-social point of
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Of the eighteen patients with malignant tumors of the antrum
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ence are the measures inside of which the surgeon has to
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toni). Med. <& Surg. Reporter, Pbila., 1891, Ixv, 128-131.—
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margin of the patella, and anterior superior spine, were in the same
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tomy has cured pernicious anemia. A review of thirty-
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out and which will entirely prevent future trouble, while leaving
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solutions, and on the movements of the white blood-
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tic speech to bo the only well-marked symptom, and to be fol-
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searches which they have carried out in connection with such and
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the soft parts in a direction " from the fissure to the alveolus/*
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Physician- Aecoacheur and Lecturer on Midwifery at St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
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danger underlies the run upon the laboratory of the Rue
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possess to this agent, I have made use of, with encouraging
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ciples to uterine affections, we may say that the use of the

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