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are leukemia, Wilms’s tumor (embrjmnal carcinosar-
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Cholecystography. The Use of Sodium Tetraiodophenolphthalein.
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I undertaken during almost constant supervision and
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chairman, Airs. H. B. Henkel, Springfield, closed the
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male, at the expiration of the first week of the fever, at from
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believe that other animals are subject to small pox contagion.
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tute is sponsored jointly by the College of Home Eco-
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extent their condition would aid in the diagnosis of
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children who give mental assent to leaving father and
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ence of the profession, with that article, has not at all sustained
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like to see a closer relationship developed between the
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upon them very suddenly ; for before the soul could, as usual
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vascular study, as all action is in the living tissue in
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Supply: Metandren Linguets, 5 mg. (white, scored) and 10 mg.
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the following committee was selected to work with the
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these two counties hold weekly meetings, and so felt
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raw materials, before the animal heat has become dissipated.
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their Medical Administration and Statistics for the year,*' it is
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of Behavior, elaborating basic postulates, appeared
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hypotension is the critical sign, a rise of systolic
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off only with it, while the latter is not detached until the tis-
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sive. We might very naturally expect this result, for, leaving
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Sokoloff and Ferrar®^ also found no significant al-
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tions, many important additions have been derived from the
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But it is in connection with the various diseases incident to the female
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woman," " an untimely birth," &c., occurring in the books of
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control of the dust hazard are presented in this paper.
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tant services of detection and diagnosis of disease.
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-> of injured workers. We testified before the Joint
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Frank L. Brown, Chairman. .. .4031 W. Madison St., Chicago
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SmaU PoXj as U appeared m Richmandy Va., aafid its vicinity in the
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By facilitating the optimal analgesic medication of each patient
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5,000. This is a substantial beginning, but when we
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a complete line of Mead’s services such as diets for
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