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nnd his associates to Wastiington, in answer to the sudden call of the

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witn the undoubted lesions of arthritis deformans in the peripheral joints

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tinuity of bones. If we can by exsection remove the fractured bones,

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that exists in its serum. These dropsies are confined to the lower extremities,

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ted income for a General Practitioner or l amily Physician.

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hypothesis. (See case by Marc, 'Ann. d'Hyg.,' 1830, t. 2, p. 408 ; another by

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As to the native physicians, the Dey had a kind of pro*

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probably the result of the action of septic bacteria ; (2) Thrombosis ; and

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drug. Belladonna, on the other hand, stimulates the respi-

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when including those obtained b}' operation, of 60 instances,

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betnovate ointment 0.1 loss

gain flesh, cries all the time, sleeps but little, and seems always to be

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and certain of the vessels of the umbilical cord, which had a

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clinically distinct is yet to seek. But with oily seborrhoea for a basis

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The patient takes two fidl inspirations without in-

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could be, and that if the results are at all favorable further trial is

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Fraser had done, they were now able to investigate the function of

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around the anus. Yolatiles should be held occasionally to the nostrils,

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more complete for the uterus and the adnexte, I again

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in the week was 2976 in. The highest was 3011 in. at the end, and the

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was a tallow chandler by profession, but became so obese,

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can be used in favor of the creation of such a bureau

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remember that it causes the patient to sweat, as elimination

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have observed clinically, and from the reports of cases by other ob-

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augmented by lack of occupation. In some cases, active treatment of

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the fermentation referred to above is not used in this sense,

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stroke of the sun ; of these, ten died, seven recovered, and three became affected

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Dr. Vandewaker, of Syracuse said the danger in abor-

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data, the history of the case and heredity. We also depended

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we agree with, in fact in our earlier paper we drew attention to the large

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since the first of January last. He hoped soon to be

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different organs and parts take from the blood fluid, that nutrition

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antidote occurs in the animal's body, even though it

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