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and made it unnecessary for him to wear the metal support.

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occurred most frequently in the so-called neurasthenic.

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tion. When the dilatation has been overcome, careful attention is to be

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The increase in the total number of circulating lymphocytes after

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healthy after being vaccinated with lymph from a decidedly scrofulous

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between the meatus and a point within an inch of the

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dementia is to be measured. As the result of old age, degenerative brain

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to the observance of the rule here enforced — to pro-

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Francis Henry Lovell, Aspley, Woburn. Bedfordshire ; Robert Brennau,

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Synovial Membrane. This usually shows some thickening, which is more

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prevent inflammation and suppuration of the brain and its

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prisoners were convicted. In Reg. v. Norris (Wells Summer Assizes, "

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following gall stones, but no positive opinion was given. An exploratory

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Relevance. New York, Wiley-Interscience Division of John

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itinued high temperature rarely make a mistiike possilile.

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Supreme Court of North Carolina, in the case of the State Hos-

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of immediate atavism or type heredity and of remote atavism.

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phia, have the following books in preparation: A Manual

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surface" so often seen after all evidence of gland structure has

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not know its cause or its value as a diagnostic until now, and he had,

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probed, and find that it does not communicate with the

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is a necessity, enabling one to secure a good night's sleep though the

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was the same as Ellinger's method. He finally titrated a red solution

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the second and third sutures drawing together the rectus fascia and the upper three sutures drawing to-

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Dr Darby said every one had met with cases of moderate sickness,

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jours. Rev. de laryngol. (etc.], Par., I>^92, xii, 601; 6.33 —

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