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277, Gray's-inn-road, W.C. We have since visited the bottUng

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threads cross. An uijright squnre is placed with its edge coincident with

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disturbance after the administration of Pepto-Mangan. although the remedy

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between mental stupor and sexual faults. Masturbation is credited with

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This salt is highly recommended in the treatment of

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dent to the use of sounds or other instruments, which

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he had seen at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in March

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3 gm. extractum filicis. If a tape-worm be present, segments will then cer-

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Fractures of the lower inch or two of the radius constitute by far

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patient scopolamine and morphia, then to administer a general

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nearly two inches. A long pair of forceps was substituted for the

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point of inoculation (the glands of connection), varies

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i The College was founded in 1S51, as an asylum for

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to, if not identical with, that of leukemia. This applies with equal force to the

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had all along protested against this duty being dis-

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ten days of this treatment the symptoms entirely subsided, and the patient was

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But still more is this view supported by the foct of this disease superven-

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health-giving. The purer the air is. the more life does it im-

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"At two o'clock, he felt so comfortable from his medicine

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In diabetes mellitus shedding of the nails has been observed, and this

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could in every case be seen, even after twenty-four hours, and,

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The enlargement of the tonsils is always a very obstinate difficulty,

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