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and portrayed, none has, perhaps, received more subsequent
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J. B. Lippincott Company s Medical and Surgical Works.
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etc., are occasionally observed, but are chiefly of pathological interest.
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rhaffe. Occidental M. Times, Sac anieuto, 1896, x. 21-23. —
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their activities produce a putrefactive fecal flora (Jehle and Pinch-
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light bath was 5.13 per cent, in a patient who previous to
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Bulsatillaf Cocculus, Sepia, Sulphur. One or more of the last
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surface with streaks of white, and this appearance comes from
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tonic remedies, cod-liver oil, iron, cindiona, and the like ;
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sella turcica." The diaphragma selho alone lies between the anterior lobe and
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finely granular character is perceptibly diminished, and there is
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richness of gravy ; but first soak them well, and scour them
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The increase in osmotic pressure is as our numerical results will show
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Through this everlasting life of phantasy without any corre-
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opium or quinine, when prescribed by a competent prac-
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T^e strumous, must also be watched for, and if possible prevented."
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ening about the ccecum, containing one or two small
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Waves, of blue color extending out into the moistened filter-paper show a positive
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now carried on to such an extent that even women in health
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258° r ’ ^ ^ We ' <now w * iere we’re going?
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is brought to bear now against the convexity of the curve
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so than either the heat or the nitric acid test, but it will cause a cloud
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(75.23° Fahr.), autumn 18° (64^ Fahr.) . The lovely vegetation

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