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X, 31-34. — IVctter. Presence frSquente des pneuraoco-

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The present trouble began on the night of November 15,

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the cyst seeming to extend beyond reach both towards the

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don contortrix), which is not at all rare in the whole

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tated, and one or more strips of iodoform gauze are

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In general, it is sufficient to renew the water twice a day. If there be a

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examination I found fluctuation very perceptible. I

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to pass water, attended with pain and dribbling of urine. Dr. Bundy saw the

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in walking, but she is quite certain that she was not unsteady,

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■ n-pit,il with ilic^i' niinnr .liliurnt--, uiiK--- tlu-\ h,i\i- .id\.mi.t'd tn a

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Use a gargle in cases of common sore throat. It has

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