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strength, her weight diminishing from 120 to 107 lbs.
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moD understanding must certainly be unfavorably impressed with this
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by alteration in the character of the films. Following trans-
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appropriate noiurishment ; 8rd, to maintain or to restore the healthy tone
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plans for a long-term hospitalization elsewhere. The patient whose
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animals described in detail, and then deny the fact
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gonorrhoea, often in company witli ophthalmia or sclero-
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heated bricks, &c., to the pit of the stomach, the
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by pessaries, rest, and prolonged treatment much of
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sion, by means of a piece of rubber tubing and strips of adhesive plaster, made.
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efficacy as a tonic. Of this there can be no mistake, as the result
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** is a subject which should engage more attention than it has up
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1. The time has arrived when it must be deemed expedient to enact
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Flatulence, etc. Milk Crust—Milk Scab— Milk Blotches. Thrush—
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and if there was present only one-fifth of one per cent.
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pretty close correspondence in relative amount to the general mor-
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(E.) Hypertonia bulbi. Weekly M. Rev., Chicago, 1883,
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at a time for domestic use. Corn meal of the old-fashioned kind,
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Pantheon he found II/2; in the streets about 12 per cubic foot; in a
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suffered a great deal of pain when she lay down. She loses a considerable
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opposite manner in flutter. However, if the third preceding P wave is
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hemorrhage from the femoral vein, the amount of blood in and about
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mine the organs in the early part of the first stage, I have found the arterioles
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thoroughly every case from the very foundation to the most
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This case would seem of itself sufficient to overthrow tlie idea that metas-

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