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moculation, was inversely proportional to the number of

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and the quantity taken, aided by the saline ingredients which clean out

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was rather of a delicate constitution, about twenty-five years of

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vide it for 100,000 and the number required was only 50,000, they

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HiKiKi till iiiirc'diu tii'ii i.t till' >tti'l lu-lnu't. mm-liol iiijuiic- of tlic licui

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has used large enemas of milk ; he injects 35 oz. This quan-

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must be passed : the Greeks call it meningo-phylax (7). It is a strong brass plate

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tissue sections, and the omentum were studied microscopically and

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nerves and centers located above the medulla, but chiefly from

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back of the hand. It consists of patches, which, on close inspec-

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This is one of the most celebrated European books written by such

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Etiology. — It is a very difficult matter to assign the proper

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Blood: May 16, hemoglobin 60 per cent., erythrocytes 3,700,000.

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estimation in which it is held in Germany. It has farther

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signs of the causative lesion. Monocular blindness and a

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ungratified whim or disappointed affection at the bottom.

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in these it never fieuls to produce urticaria. The rash which we not un-

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impossible from the sensitiveness of the joint and its

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as seen from the left side, a, the symphysis of the pubes ; n, bouf^e in the urethra ; c, the pressed backwards, the enlargement

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are unable to satisfy the need of the organism for oxygen, and there is not even

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similar circumstances are streptococci and bacterium coli.

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well as to children. There is, however, a point to which I desire to call

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Medical Inspection of Schools Unit as a Public Health Measure, The:

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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just

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