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the processes were very thinned and tortuous, granu-

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served and treated in the New York Hospital during the month

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report had fallen flat. He was not a famous surgeon,

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Generalitiet. In mild oases, absence of fever is a genevrtl

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instinctive, for the cry was common to the youngest child, and the eldest

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school of letters, a school of technology, a school of physi-

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chronic tuberculosis the number of polynuclear cells may attain

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ameter at the broadest, and about twelve lines long; from its extre-

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that, during that epidemic, the arrest of the purging by opiates

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enough so that the stricture can be cut to any caliber desired. Then the

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tance to the place where the camels were pastured, and

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from one of the Louisville Colleges of Medicine and afterwards served

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lies in the fact that he employed relatively weak sera for his tests. A more

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presence of acids, etc. etc., these phenomena are artificial, and useful only as

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inoculations (Baumgarten, Klemperer, Kleine) with bovine bacilli have

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process, and in which this bacillus led to an autopsy, [e.l.]

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later reports from the patients, or from their physicians, he learned that

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pish, and finical. Nay, the opposite — a gentleman ! Not one of those

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the Library Co7ninittee was presented, showing that

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this, however, the agglutination test should be given the preference.

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single woman aged twenty-eight, previously healthv, who

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treatment of, 801 : to prevent, in operationsaround

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on a mucous surface or on the skin, the diphtheritic inflammation gives

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