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by an unknown factor, the interference of which cannot be avoided.

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Kidney, with " Waxy Cysts" in the Urine — Scanty Secretion — Pericarditis —

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has a little aching over the inner side of the joint. There

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cut through it, when the posterior flap was made, the limb removed, and

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The constant current has proved of much sendee in this class of cases,

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observed, are contrary to what might naturally have been

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States having authority to confer it, were all exempt from

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This, I think, must be admitted jyrijnci facie, and I object to apply

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get high-pitched notes from their instruments by shortening the string

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ments upon the next supply of milk that is soon to be ad-

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Made by melting lard, 1000, with benzoin, 20 ; and straining.

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. le.irini.' station. 'l"hi-. ot eour-e, ^.mnoi be a-.oided, but it mu-t e\er be

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focussed on the non-vascular tissues. I turned first to the articular

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"2d. The Knapsack. — Upper compartment. Contents: — Half a pound

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opium or quinine, when prescribed by a competent prac-

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remove the whole of the diseased portion with the knife. Three

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ache, which, after all, is only due to irregular action of

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instances all three reflexes have been exaggerated almost to the

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The department of medical gynecology with this class of cases

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" ichthyosiform erythrodermia," and it is very similar to a case described

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tedious. Simple uncomplicated cases of measles are free from danger.

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disarticulation of the hip. Against the exposure of the large

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weak solution was constantly followed by most character-

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the cheeses were removed from the hoops, the cloths and outside of

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the outlines of the outer surface being almost obliterated.

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