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note 3d) : it is certain that the alarm produced by it was not suf-
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and this is rendered more difficult when we consider that
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examination of the chest should be instituted where
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immediately removed to a rural township three hundred miles away, and
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solution of iodine, in the proportion of 5j to sj, carried into the larynx
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trating different varieties and forms of some affections of the liver
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trocardiogram. Ventricular extrasystoles almost never
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circulation in the cerebral arteries lies A\dthin the skull • and it is generally
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for the persistence of the bacilli after disappearance of
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Under the names coto-coto and quina-coto, a bark was introduced into Europe
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free from the hsematozoon, while that of the majority of rats
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by the sternum. Besides, the right ventricle (Fig. 120) rests upon the
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Bureau, with full power and corresponding means, is
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tion is observed, small particles of the pigmented mother-substance
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the use of any particular one may be a matter calling for much exer-
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Fellows. But every fair reasoner will see at once that
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over-use of which is often directly responsible for the symptoms, and
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minutes ; Case Report by C. Haarlammert, Loveland ; Some Remarks
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punishable by death in England by acts of Parliament. The
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keratohyaline granules, is not only still present, but is also much more
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cases, had clear unstaining spaces in the center, were
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secondary to occlusion of the vertebral, but sometimes originating in the
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jection. With the dye it will be noted that the 1st hour excretion
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of the stomach to contact; burning and cutting, cramp-like, or spas-
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criminally liable for the offense, as he has no more
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of the scleral layers, or of the optic nerve sheath ; it is clue solely to the re-
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O'l, four times a day. On the night following, about 1 A. m., I
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thickened by means of powdered podophyllum and capsicum, to which

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