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and without danger of damaging it. This greatly facilitates the

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in the necrotic masses, but in some sections, the head could

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exists in ground-squirrels. Elaborate measures have^ been

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tensive, localized or disseminated, fibrotic, nodular,

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hemiplegic chorea in the thalamus, in view also of the existence of the thalamo-

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it is received into the stomach. Water, alcohol, and other fluids not

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As an introduction to the consideration of my subject, I

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were not cured. The number that he has cured, if I understood him

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tation with Dr. Partridge and Dr. Draper, of New York, a

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of patients for operation, and post-operative care ; ana;s-

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Head mirror: A round mirror worn on the forehead in the ex-

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John Williams,'^ and Eastman, ^ of Indiana, in which the

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which the infected organisms resisted the development

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ferent periods of the year unfortunately still prevails.

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is so much movement allowed by these articulations, we sel-

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knowledge, clinging to the theoretical opinions instilled into him

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York and Nashville 1 e.tch. From measles New York 4, Chicago

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The wound was then sealed with collodion and a spika bandage

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