Celexa Neonatal Withdrawal

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ing his head in his bands. His mental Dr. Paget, of Cambridge, has recorded a
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who brought it before the British Medical world ; and in the
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likely to be possible when the ductus is short. In favor of
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men and thorax is the immediate consequence of spinal rig-
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portal circulation. In this stage the efforts of the physician are direoted chiefly to the
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis is generally easy, if the patient presents a
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must come again, and be sure to bring a new $5.00 gold
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— the gout — is not to be ascribed to alcoholic drinks simply
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stricted in the middle and bent upon itself. Its lumen
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centage of morphine. This is no disad- grandfather was a very small man had
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ported only one instance of a definitely observed case in which the phe-
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nerves of the face, arising from the fifth cranial pair.
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as seen from the left side, a, the symphysis of the pubes ; n, bouf^e in the urethra ; c, the pressed backwards, the enlargement
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and glazed berries should be kept in a diy place, be-
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-tc-dj prepare.:, K..,i„,. ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,^.,,,,,,„^,,_^,_^, ,^^^
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small amount of paper work to receive the award cer-
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generations of quartan or tertian parasites may be found in the blood
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imj)ossible to make the animal eat the loco, the experimentjof feeding
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general manifestations of the effect of the internal se-
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filed duplicate certificates signed by a majority of said examin-
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found in the lying-in room — the bed-pan, the syringe, the antiseptic
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who perhaps knows the difficulty of distinguishing between tumours and
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are the principal disorders ascribed to dentition, although Mr.
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horizontally and bearing against the back of the instrument, thrusts
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As to the relative value of the nitric acid and the

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