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tral, peripheral or general constitutional condition. There
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degeneration. The bladder was generally empty because of
celexa to treat postpartum depression
the tube— namely, at the conmiencenient, at a spot adjacent to the bifur-
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arteries, the formation of cavities in the cord, in their situation in-
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ing mixed with the flour and meal was transformed into the carbonate by
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the use of forceps cannot l)e mejtsurecf by the clock. There
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tance, flexibility, and balance exercises in life-care com-
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precaution ; also, the manifestation was too general to
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The cicatrices are situated generally near the vocal cords. Syphilitic treatment
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This operation consists in cutting through the abdomen and
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I always found them living in circumscribed communities.
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four cases of this are recorded by Dr. R Quain,f in one of which a
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and by the perception of a bluish flame, which constantly occu-
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than in gastric ulcer, and seems to be mainly confined to adult males,
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a little, and occasionally a good deal, and hurrying the respira-
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induce dysarthria must be sufficiently near the cortex to
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for several minutes after instillation. According to the
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suicidal. They are sometimes so exceedingly suspicious that they will deny
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from human pollution is especially great, as around the impounding
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describing the features of the case, which precisely corresponded with those
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medulla oblongata, ' with secondary extension to the
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tongue is then shot forth convulsively, while it shivers,
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an army that has had a continuous march since the beginning of
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may seem to go as if sound. Advantage has been taken of this
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parasites to die off" speedily. (6) The injection of the serum may cause

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