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from the peritoneal surface, it affords ample opportu-

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nounced micrococci, at others short bacilli with rounded-

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J. B. Lippincott Company s Medical and Surgical Works.

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systems of medical practice. The third position remains, viz :

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degree. By choosing medicine for his life work, he was

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early exploratory laparotomy we have the key to improvement in the

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3ii: Parler, BaOi. — We cannot enter on the controversy.

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of the response and asked for a second voice vote. There was

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statement of the case was written the child was get-

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seem, from a very extensive tabular statement quoted by Bartlett, to be

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TABLE VI.— Africa, Excluding the Mediterranean Area.

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was due to my growing conviction that it was undesir-

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to the value of 'that portion of the book devoted to pulmonary diseases.

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an increase in the acid radicals, or a decrease in the bases of the

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to have a divergence of meanings, even on an unimportant

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preventing hiemorrhage was found entirely eifectual. A disin-

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advanced than the anal ; and above this passage, and

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decrease restenosis but are considered contraindicated in situations

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had acquired the disease. In almost all cases the fingers were the

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cised soft chancres a bacillus which appears in long chains, does not

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tion as shall be shown to exist, that the c.ise may require, and

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