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A comparison of the foregoing cases with those mentioned in the

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founders of the Academy, and one of its steadfast friends,

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meet here with an early subversion, and the highest caste of

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]\Iany cases of this nature came under my care, and the

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an early loss of compensation, due to the great enlargement of

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Unusual Complicaiions. — ^Among occasional complica-

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two at Berlin, and two in the Tebtunis collection. These documents

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antiseptic means, we should, we may be quite sure, have had a continuance of

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Diphtheria by Drs. Northrup and Bovaird, Cirrhosis of the Liver

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twelve full-page half-tone plates of photographs taken from nature,

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much so in most instances, that the patient cannot bear the

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mixture and when ready for use make a paste with sufficient

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culties in my way, and must say at the outset that my conclu-

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oblioue + ftf*/jvt^ head. ] Having the angle formed

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even after the removal of all clots with salt water and

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to a convenient bulk and the amount of urobilin estimated

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The Society then proceeded to elect their officers for the en-

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Young, G. M., Postell, Lincoln Mem. Univ., 1916 _ 1917 1913

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plete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surger},', Dentistry,

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rally somewhat low-toned, audible most distinctly about the ensiform

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was again seen one year afterward ; then the penis had become

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to feel her pulse or to speak to her to provoke an abundant flow of tears, a

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evidence of recurrence of growth in that vicinity. The ring corre-

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were simply rejected because of insufficient personnel time or space to

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becoming restless, irritable, feverish, before any bowel symptoms are

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puytren's contraction of the palmar fascia ; report of micro-

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Sig. — From one-half to a teaspoonful three times a day.

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