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returns of smaU-pox cases presented to the Wolverhampton
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were noted, leaving hysterical manifestations a se-
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developed in connection with pneumonitis, as with other local affections,
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symptoms have continued with greater or less intensity up to the period of admis-
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previous one. I mention this because I have since found it a
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Oakley, about sixteen miles from the town of Aylesbury, small-
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occiput and delivered the after-coming head without
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disposing causes, as might well be imagined, were such as tended
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nation is increased. Axisa 17 states that in liver abscesses the same
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sanguine about the issue of their disorder. In other cases, do
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and suffocate persons at different times, according to the level on which they
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The Hiologic factors may l>e: {a) mechanical irritants (impacted feces, in-
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the assertion that had been made by an authority tha
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terior root-zones of Charcot and his pupils, funiculus cuneatus, postero-external column
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smoke and sizzle, but a mole will not, but the latter will form
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with the condition of their nerves, more than with that of
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and other authors hold that deficient absorption of liquor amnii, rather
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the left ventricle was healthy. Another specimen somewhat
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lation of 160,000 perfons ; and the nervous fevers are in general
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at first, even) a swelling is noticed about the ankles and legs, and in marked
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against any man; and ve presume that no man, of sound mind, will

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