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well as in that of medical attendant in times of sick-
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former of these conditions, may be cited the lymphatic enlarge-
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consideration. In an age of conquest, intrigue and religious
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at the present time the patient is not well, but the greater increase in
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ever portions of the bowel, such as the caecum, ascending and descending
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. fipilepsie et pelade. Conipt. rend. Soc. de bid..
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remember that it causes the patient to sweat, as elimination
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justness of the opinion so generally received, that mercury, in
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is apt to accompany the change of diet from liquid to solid animal food.
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abundance of muscle and fat than in those of spare habit, because in the former
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involving or pressing on the affected nerve, the presence of a foreign body,
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tion of urobilin in the urine, and we believe that, from a clinical
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The fact that enzyme solutions decrease in activity as the
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commodious and well arranged, is provided with machinery
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a day. If a bath-tub is available, I have the patient immersed in the
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tation ; the scratch of a pin or prick of the nail causing
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cies of blue light, and also to the use of the concentrated
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he may live not only a useful but comparatively an enjoyable
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which can be depended upon to point to the first stage of this disease, is a
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provement can be obtained by operation^ while that part of

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