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eight hours from the onset." Some of the phenomena are doubtless due to
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Mitchell has found that in nine per cent of cases in which the
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the velum interpositum ("velum" of Wilder) was nor-
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been blamed as the occasion of the evil habit, the accusation
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tions in \hii Journal de J)}eurologie de Bnixellcs, \.-^x\,
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only on account of the pain they produce, but the diffi-
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recently did a scientific opinion analysis and found that
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otomy three hours after the accident. A perforation an inch long was found
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rabies or suspected rabies may receive the necessary expert
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The patient takes two fidl inspirations without in-
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trachea, and bronchi leaves a redness, sometimes diffuse, sometimes
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attack, bled freciy and largely, and then administered calomel and
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system, as some believe she does; would it be good policy, would it be
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gain was observed in the experimental groups of some
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63. . Microceplialie nnd ilicioplith ilniie. Arch. f.
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usual good-nature. He described in his remarks with
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of the American Statistical Association, an honorary fellow
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not uncommon, and for long has been considered pathognomonic
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ment was obvious ; and the result has l>een, as I have said, complete
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this way dermal, cerebral, spinal, ocular, and visceral
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trition of the foetus, the walls of the uterine ovum
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the initial fever, when one slightly enlarged gland was detected
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an increased incidence of stillbirths at doses of 20 times the
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contraction of tlie different groups of muscles is ex-
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are frequent symptoms in gastric cancer. Mayo Robson's statistics
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addressed to the Editors of The American Practitioner and News, Louisville, Ky.

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