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tee had studied the problems presented in different lo-

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With the electrode, however, in the same position —

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the sensitive portion, is protected by the speculum from

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These facts point conclusively to an intimate physiological association

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toast-water, etc. ; but very soon must milk and beef-tea or chicken

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A method for the experimental deter'ininatiou ol' the

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lately resided, I have had as well-marked cases of bilious

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the air tubes is much more liable to inflammation than that lining

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a century ago, asserted that surgical operations should

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1) report two successful cases, and add a list of fifty-five others by various

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but may be colored by the solution of Loffler's methyl-

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of "chronic purpura hemorrhagica," for which she had been given

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than serum that is positive for HBsAg and anti-HBe. 8 Pure

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with numerous demonstrations. His experiences include about

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Cause. — Fat meat, butter, oils, starchy food, milk and sugar

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introducing the flnger the ends of the bones were found

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qnently completely disuppears in the course of a few boars. Tbe disec*

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bladder or ducts. Adhesions were loosened and the gall-bladder

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one 3^ear of age, whereas of those between one and twenty 3'ears of

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