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ground consisting of moderately numerous polymorphonuclear leucocytes,

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lines, will bear in mind that he will be, in the fu-

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the efflcacy of this plan of treatment, by the publication of cases of puer-

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on the ground that arsenic is present in the hair of

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an external incision along the inferior border of the zygo-

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The spleen, after death, in both these forms of fever, is very

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taken place in the course of a year in a boy about nine years

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or at least ostensible, records of the cases of lithotomy " being

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and in very severe cases extends to the skin of the upper

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One particular lot of the extract had proved so exceptionally efficient

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Catarrhal — affections of upper air passages in chU-

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sion of pain or distress. The cellular tissue generally of the body, and especially of the

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the dose we are entitled to regard the inhalation of our

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administration was in gum-julep or in sugared water. The cases so

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after which a brief business session was held, the report of the

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there. The pharynx is often exceedingly sensitive, and

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tures, and in many instances the methods given represent his

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have been the object of investigation both before and since the dis-

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no trace of a sarcomatous structure. The endothelium

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I have met with a few' instances of acute insanity following

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younger members of the profession being skeptical. But let me admonish

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time been most successful. Among the latest French writers

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of iritis, whether they be syphilitic, rheumatic, or traumatic. The

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perfect as one often sees Nothing about eyes would in-

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A large, active Siren Laeertina, (eighteen inches in length), was placed in ajar, contaiaisg

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