Citalopram Hydrobromide Ocd

Case XXVI.-(Nos. P. 3339, 1913, and P. 790, 1921.) " Female,
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to it. In those cases in which the lens shows peripheral
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the doubt which exists on this point; and here I should
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remained free or nearly so from cholera, when both Paris and Marseilles
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women the tonsils are of the usual size. Dr. Langdon Down
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information was sufficient to confirm the diagnosis of uraemic coma. I prescribed milk.
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ahead of the horse ; we mean, the people have taken
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below, and on the «)Ut<'r side it cannot i)e separated
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arm muscles daily in these men, as they work by piecework, it is easily
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general rules are to be observed. It must be a cardinal principle to stop
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their active principles to water and are more powerful when
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For Gripes. Mash 2 onions, pour over them 2 oz. of oil of tur-
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plexity. Fortunately, I now hit on the wild cherry. I began
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when difficulty is experienced in delineating the edge of
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soluble forms. The possible fat-dissolving power of the lipoids (lecithins,
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possibility of unjust malpractice actions. However,
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would submit myself to this forlorn hope of rescue.
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glomeruli were not especially affected nor the areas around them, but on
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was not arrested ten days after the application, but I have afterwards under-
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ercised to prevent serious burns of the resting such recurrence of the primary
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vents its action on the arsenic, if the proportion of arsenic be small. The
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if the poison can develop only within the human body, it must neces-
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tender on pressure; this is evidently formed by the undue
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A part is softened when its density and firmness are abnormally dimin-
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Amoss that the breath contains a "volatile" protein, and that such
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speaking physicians' are of rather too scientific a character
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that city, embodying the results of all the operations per-

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