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best plan to operate as early as possible on the lip, for in this

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No papule was formed, but a necrosis of the transplanted layer fol-

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History.— In 1883 flukes were first described^in the liver of human

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Resolvedy That these resolutions be sent to the fam-

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tunately too rare at the present day, and tenders him sym-

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gall-bladder and its division into several diverticula ; 8,

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inanimate objects or by healthy persons. It is contagious as early as five

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periodical, recommends as an infallible cure for sea-sickness, painting the epigastric

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mortem examinations were made, many of which were seen before death,

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ment and by its lack of certainty. This test, then, is like that for ataxia.

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water sometimes revives a child wonderfully when on the

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disease had travelled down to the larynx. The sites of

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housetop, and boldly walked along the cornice troughs — for he knew not

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serum of an animal rendered refractory ; ho reports

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ropine is a peripheral action even when the atropine

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diseased condition of the blood (inclination to hypinosis). So long as

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are suppressed? The attendant is the most important selection of all

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parts, occipito-posterior positions of the head, and the funnel-

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multiplication of nuclei in the lymphatic sheath and ad-

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vertebra. A line drawn from the upper part of the body of the

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was discoverable on palpation, and the result of rectal and vaginal

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to himself and advantage to the profession. Amongst other essays

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flora are the outcome of a definte evolutionary development of the

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this state. A man styling himself "Doctor Mak" was found guilty at

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secretion of milk takes a prominent position, and its sudden suppression

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