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The remissions are very irregular. The remissions occur regularly in the
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poisons are multiplied. Ill-health and consequent receptivity
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(5) The above principles were fixed ; their application
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mental condition must not be hoped for, any more than a perfect physical
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and more consistent, but soon extending over both surfaces. Some-
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especially those complicating diphtheria, owe their origin to it,
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living only as a parasite, saprophytic growth obtained easily
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Sir: — I noticed, in a recent numl)er of The Record,
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when he says that there were only two alleged instances
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The blood-vessels carry to the kidney a dilute solution of salts and organic
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Dr. G. W. Bagby, Cannon Falls, was elected president
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etiology. — Exciting Causes. — Malarial fevers are produced by
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In fracture of the clavicle a Sayre dressing (Fig. 265) is espe-
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the amount of urine never surpassed 5 litres a day, even without the
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aiTiining the parts close to the amis, as well as those
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ditions of muscular atrophy in which neither muscles nor nerves
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day (January 14). But the purulent expectoration mixed with blood
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uating class numbered 55. Dr. Willis G. MaoDonald, Albany,
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tliat cases may be traced back fcrr six months. .Some were
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and of its extension, and thereby to aid legislators in its
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that the exhaustion and debilitation induced in the economy dis-
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enabled to disseminate information of interest to school officers, teachers
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He has since administered the wonderful ' that the aged physician whose " sands of
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to large bodies of water, have a direct influence upon
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and the symptoms are mainly motor. It is produced by lead poisoning
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on the 20th, after five injections, records that the pupils are not dilated by
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persistent and exhausting than when the same obstruction exists at

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