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owed local boards of health should act with the school

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membrane. The apex of the funnel at the depth of J^ to Ji inch presents a narrow opening

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being especially marked in the pulmonary area. If the tension is

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the doctor can also be hurt in that it is his problem to

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the week ending September 9, 1871. through successive incre-

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tiou. Ibid., 1891, 9. s., iii, 8o9.— Cihai-riu (A.) & Xobe-

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AGEMENT— Asif Kamal, MB, BS, MRCP, Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine, St

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(c) Palpation. — Indirect palpation with a probe has already been

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f Schwarz, "Wiener med. Blatter," 1886. In the abstract fur-

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charming complexion. Such inheritances are, indeed,

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too superficially. If suppuration takes place, the fluid should be drawn

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eyelids are sometimes swollen. Usually, a couple of days after

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the Paquelin cautery, hot and cold applications, cupping, various drugs,

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perhaps invidious to select, but I may here say in a

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vomica, to have a most beneficial effect, not only improving the

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straggling settlements upon the Atlantic coast. Our

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aged over 00. Ho removed it as far as he could tlnougli the soft palate,

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Wecker, who treated a few cases by hypodermic injection of

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Dead Sea increases with their depth. 2. Their compo-

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and palpitation are frequent and there is often a basic systolic murmur.

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a question which requires clarification. In such cases, he

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work at the University of Minnesota, began practice in

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to be recommended, except in robust subjects. Free incisions into the corpora

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parents, while the remaining fourth resemble the other white grand-

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the solutions, they must have, in many cases, a power of with-

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