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Marshall; Dr. Durrant; Dr. W. H. O. Sankey; Dr. B. W.

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chamber of the eye between the peripheric portion of

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vestigations in many cases quite unknown to our predecessors.

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bed, and the penis covered v.ith cold applications night and

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and of perpetual service, was bestirring itself in its

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situations ; but I cannot leave the subject of urethral

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Mental Disease in University College, London ; late

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the great majority of persons about to enter the rne-

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tions mentioned in Schedule (A) to the Medical Act,

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pupils were profiting by theii- instruction. By placing

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pulses, but vuiaccompanied by any bruit de rape or soufflet.

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knows not how or where to steer ; so doctors often-

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son, in replj)" to my report of the post mortem exa-

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due to a sepai-ation of the constituent toothed fibres

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from the soiu'ce of illumination to the miiTor of the

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The terms distinct and conjliient are no farther useful than as

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her"; and, after explaining that there were two bones

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curable — namely, '• Softeniug of the Bones". If the

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fore, humbly pray that in the said Bill adequate pro-

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and orphans of the deserving and of the brave, to that narrower

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distribution of it, if established. If Ave may judge

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practicable ; and the late Mr. Aver.- of London paid

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and excoriations yield to local applications, general

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observation of the temperature of the patient's axilla

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deductive reasoning, and so not easy to tell men how

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whilst the prevailing opinion with physicians seems to be, that

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keeping the jjatient in i^erfect quietude and on low

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divine instinct, her own industry, and the accuracy of

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much, in fact, the effect of treading on a man's fa-

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me high up in his left arm, and with his right level-

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after a certain time, the specific disease ? Whether this is

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be completed in the course of three or four months.

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ence ; for, although at Marseilles two drachms have been given, M.

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mission, at an eai-ly hour, he was out in a shower of

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to the application of the nitrate of sUver in erysipelas

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two phenomena together in the relation of cause and

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cussion took place, two propositions being submitted

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