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securing the co-operation of the friends of those publications.

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was dominated by the latter. Permission was not obtained to examine

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of a healthy child. The explanation was that, after her first labor, a prolonged

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Neuro-Ophthalmology” and “Nonsurgical Treatment

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It is certain that these peculiar symptoms serve as a

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beings, with all their scientific value, had as yet been of no direct

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to avoid the strong light stimulus, may go about with the head dow-

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232. — Coizi (P.) Fibrosarcoma voluminoso, profondo,

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M. Sig. A tablespoonful in a tablespoonful of water with a teaspoonful

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l^ermanentl}^, as a rule. It is impossible to judge beforehand of the <

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as the average physician, I have yet to see the first reformation from

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Is Mer-cu-ralin No, % with the addition of '3 gr. of \ eyeball,

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mistaken for truth itself: they stimulate enquiry and point the

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right iliac region, extending upward toward the liver ;

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The young trophozoite becomes pigmented, and, displacing the nucleus,

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substance of the brain. In other cases these changes are absent.

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plant become poisoned ordinarily rather quickly and may die in a

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A Text-Book of General Bacteriology, by E. O. Jordan {\. B.

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writer's name and address, not necessarily for publication. No at-

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door, or an imperfectly -fastened coal-hole in the side-

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out. A saturated, aqueous solution of nitrate of silver

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11. In the case of a very few patients there seems to be such an immunity

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that usually reach this portion of the tract twenty-four hours after the

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When we studied carefully the first class of IcHions and

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ics, however, are all benefited by lest. In only severe cases,

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derangement will be manifest to the last moment of existence. On

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dermically, gr. y^ (0.00065 gm.) of the former, 10 to 15 minims (0.6-1.0 c.c.)

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Picture No. 6 (omentum) — This picture shows scattered thickly

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