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typed as to bacilli. Streptococcus hemolyticus infection was

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gurgitated into the ileum or whether the contents could

actavis clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream rjk

were only five living and one of these was very feeble. These five

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in which steam replaces the air; and {h) in an incubator or water-

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HCl, which was first described by F. A. Hoflman in 1889. The

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interest. The articles which especially appeal to the physician are: Recent

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I have used Sanmetto myself for hypertrophy of the prostate, from which

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the edge of the digc, whicli it obscures, and gradually fades away with-

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that it falls over on the slightest disturbance or excitement. Its gait is

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on these hsemorrhages, and is a good sign for recovery.

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The following case of scirrhus uteri, in which the iodine

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formed through the tightly-shut teeth in a hissing manner; no con-

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formed of many sub-systems, which in health must harmonize

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one of which I have spoken of in other places often, and I

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entirely destroys its digestive powers. In the Fermi (19) gelatin

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3 inches in size, and had compressed without destroying the adjacent brain

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witn the undoubted lesions of arthritis deformans in the peripheral joints

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sense "), in the affected limb, but it can be easily demonstrated that this

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not so severe — there are no convulsions, delirium, etc., and only mod-

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History of present condition : Sixteen months before admission a

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A. R. Thompson, of Troy, N. Y., suddenly on August 22, aged 48.

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(Japanese text.] Ztscbr. d. med. Gesellscb. zu Tokyo,

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humanity. In the cities of Europe the midwife must possess a

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the joint. He suffers no pain -whatever; and pursues his usual

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period of incubation, and found it to be six days. We may assume that

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account of the retention of the fibrinous material in the tissues.

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Bloodgood, Joseph C, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery in the Johns

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pulled down and extracted through this opening, it being

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vailed among the United States troops, stationed at Hart's Island, Long

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though generally spreading to other parts of the body. Some

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grow to a fair size, and then divide into two by simple fission, and

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