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tome persons acts like a charm, and may be confidently relied upon as a
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ouly " 19 candidates presented themselves for examination for
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will not do any damage. It is the best wire-cut remedy I ever
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the handle and extractor already in use are sufficient to
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Mademoiselle Emma Chenu passed a brilliant examina-
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refinement, more elegance than might have been seen in the capitals
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our laws is to enforce the penalties for disobedience.
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in releasing the strangulation to the parietal jieritoneum necessarily causes this
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We were still in need of more facts regarding the infection
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next day, in ii nnliler form, mid l>y the tliird diiy was
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provement of rural schools. With the introduction of instruction in
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I carry it for him and I know that he has suffered much
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each other, without absolutely coalescing ; every pustule preserv-
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strength of the same. Besides this we may give a bath every second
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arrival there report by letter to the commanding general of
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wards, it felt firmly fixed. The patient complained of pain of a
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but more difficult than all will it be to explain how the deed
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;eneral use of this agent in the " aboriginal sewer
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oa'.ioue, should authenticate them with theirnamee — of oourae-
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re are a great many short, spasmodic, expiratory coughs
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chest interior which are combined with the act of coughing, certain pli-
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the onset, with no local disease of any kind and without evident portal
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if not relieved, the patient may die from the affection.
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Fig. 8 (G. Family). — Pellagrin 25, J. G., born in 1872 in Georgia, married in
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flammation inducing the edema may extend from adjacent parts, as the neck,
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necessary to treat the ethmoid condition before it is possible to recognise
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In our own institution per contra — in classes under profes-
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The alvine discharge being unfavourable, the magnesia was
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Nor can there be much likelihood of confounding tic with chorea
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When I first saw the case the tonsils were both enlarged, the left
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strengthen the affected tissues ; and I have always

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