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suit, and served hot. If such large quantities of meat can not be

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investigation of the eflects of transmissible diseases

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Britain furnish the proof. The mortality of Salisbury

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always escapes. There are three other muscles which nearly always

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of the nurses of that institution. Among these officials (who

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pletely occluded with a firmly organized thrombus, in which

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and applause of an appreciative nation. The individ-

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it with the forceps, I succeeded in removing a calculus over four inches

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It may commence in the larynx from distortion of its cartilages

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vert its own weight of starch into a soluble state, while with some other

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of animals, and pointed out their striking resemblance

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not absolute. We cannot have absolute asepis, and thus when

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sugar, pale, 48 lbs., water, warm, 45 gals., white tartar 4

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usual occurrence is for that in one Avrist to become more feeble than that in

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successive periods of years, of patients to the Small-pox

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tion of yellow fever, I have already referred to — that is, the decom-

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subject of this condition, at first presented a tumour in the region of the fundus

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cessful. It was a result to be desired, because the dan-

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stimulants, greatly increase the production in the s\ r stem

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" II. Can cholera-patients be admitted into special

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CATIONS, and on the Treatment of Joints Stiffened by Gouty Deposits. Foolscap 8vo.

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the cordial admiration and entire approval of the medical world.

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about one minute, the pressure gradually sank to the level before

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of these patients, the results are very encouraging. With early diagnosis

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and poised in his suffering between life and death. This was the plea,

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formed me that the pain was so severe and rebellious

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