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book has just been published at Stuttgart, the cele-

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Hayhaui), a. See (iauthier, J.-Constantin; & Raybaud,A.

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and publish appropriate expressions of sorrow on the

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on pedunculated flaps and the treatment of wounds. These chapters

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This, however, does not settle the problem whether or not it is advisable

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calices constitute, according to their size, sand, gravel, or stone. Renal

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Wiesb., 1885-6, xvi, 197-207. — . Note.s on ophthalmic

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prognosis as to life becomes wholly unfavorable in direct proportion to the

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Subscriptions and advertisements received, specimen copies and bound volumes for sale by the

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This preliminary observation takes only two or three minutes, and

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bacteria, no cellular elements can pass the renal filter, any such which

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orchitis, as complications or sequelae of typhoid fever

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The modern school of pathologists, absorbed in the contemplation

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bebing 19 enclicica 20 profapia • non abfint • unacenuf* milicie*

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emotional excitements should be shunned, but whatever occupies and inte-

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that the law requires is that there should be good proof of insanity at or

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districts. For nearly four months the disease raged in the north

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Gaston 1 reports 3 complete cures and several partial

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Mitral and tricuspid insufficiency. Aortic and pulmonary stenosis.

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the muscles of the face — only the elevators and depressors of the angle of

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'I hear Leakey and his boys are still losse in Africa. An Englishman will do anything to hold onto a job."

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age in this series, and including those reporting that they are not yet

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Experiment No. 7. — A full-grown spectacled cobra was bitten

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bursting of an aneurism should be suspected. It is to be borne in mind

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man. tie was now quite well, and brought the action

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The President of this Association desires to offer, as a prize, a com-

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liirhmond and Louisville Medical Journal, April, 1878.

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offences, except it were such that you did not at the same time know the

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in the detection of pus, and the means employed to distinguish it from

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